Monday, June 1, 2009

Discover how handHELMs portable features gives you freedom of movement

If you are like most boat owners, your instrumentation and nav equipment is in the vicinity of your helm station. And, with heavy seas or weather, busy traffic or when challenging navigation issues arise - there is no other place for you to be. At your helm station. As a Captain, you are responsible for the safe passage of your vessel - and you need to be at your helm stations when conditions demand it.

But, what happens the rest of the time? Are you glued to your captain's chair? Does the fact that all of your instrumentation and navigation equipment being located in ONE spot prevent you from moving freely about your vessel?

handHELM(tm) give you the freedom to move to a more comfortable spot, take a break from the sun by going below deck, or make a snack in the galley - and still have all of the instrumentation and navigation tools by your side. handHELM(tm) is portable. It can be used on your hand held pocket PC, Blackberry's or even larger displays such as a ToughBook, tablet PC or laptop computer. You choose what size and device works best for you.

And once you've made your choice - handHELM(tm) displays your instrumentation and navigation. It even lets you control your autopilot! If you are sailing using your autopilot, you can change your heading using handHELM(tm) from anywhere on the boat. handHELM(tm) goes where you go. It uses your vessel's WIFI. You don't drag around any wires. You don't need to have an internet connection. You can be hundreds of miles off shore, or even cruising along remote areas of the Intercoastal Waterway. It doesn't matter. handHELM(tm) is your completely reliable and indispensable sidekick.

When you determine that conditions require that you return back to your helm station, handHELM(tm) partners with you as a complete backup to all of your expensive navionics. So, as you look at your depth finder and it shows you are in shallow water, a quick look at the depth information in handHELM(tm) confirms this to be true. Time to adjust course.

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