Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Learn how handHELM(tm) keeps you safe while cruising

By making use of your ship's WIFI - you can now monitor depth, changes to apparent or true winds and MORE - at any time you need to step away from the main helm station. Maybe you need to make a cup of Joe, a trip to the head, a break from the sun, or need a moment of shut-eye when solo sailing. You handHELM(tm) stays with you at all times. It notifies you when you are in shallow waters. It notifies you when your anchor is dragging. It allows you to make heading changes while under way. All from your favorite portable PC or hand held device.

handHELM(tm) keeps you safe when you step away from your main helm station. While challenging weather or sea state conditions demand your full attention and navigation skills at your main helm station - handHELM(tm) gives you the added security that your instruments displays and navigation is duplicated. Should your other instruments or navigation system fail, handHELM(tm)'s got your back.

Often, there is only one true captain on a pleasure boat. This person is all too familiar with the marine instrumentation, navigation, safety, steerage - and every last detail required to be a responsible cruiser. If you are lucky to have a first mate, or crew on board, they may not have the same level of boat handling experience that you might have. There are always exceptions! So, when you need to take a break from being Captain, and a crew member takes your spot at the helm - all members on your vessel can breathe a bit easier. You've got their back, and they know it. If your crew needs to you review apparent wind, depth or more - you can do it from anywhere. No more rushing to the helm station - you can see it all - from handHELM(tm).

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